We no longer accept orders on our site. We will be looking at an alternate order form for pickup at venues we are at.


Pet Food Recalls from the FDA  

This link will take you to the FDA site where you can look for current and historical Pet Food Recalls 


 Webmd - Slideshow of Dangerous Foods for your pet

WebMd provides a list of many ingredients and foods that have been proven toxic to your pets. Webmd is a great source for pet information.

New Dog Breed Selector Help 

This link takes you to the Animal Planet Dog Breed selector. When you furnish information about the ideal dog to fit you lifestyle, this will give you some selections to consider. 


Do our treats need refrigeration?

We bake all our treats to remove moisture from them to increase shelf life. We use citric acid as a natural preservative and, while our treats can be left unrefrigerated, refrigeration will increase the shelf life. 

Our Jerky Treats should be refrigerated to increase shelf life. Each package include a desiccant (not for consumption) to remove moisture while in the recloseable package.